NEW LOOK: CVS Starting To Carry Makeup Geared To Men

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CVS, the country’s largest drugstore chain, is making the biggest bet on the category in the U.S. yet, by adding a cosmetics line from Stryx, a makeup brand for men launched last year, to 2,000 stores (about a quarter of its total).

Belovol is part of a growing shift—about one third of U.S. men under 45 said they would consider trying makeup, according to a survey by Morning Consult in September. Chalk it up to quarantine boldness, like Belovol, and the continued evolution of traditional masculinity that has already created a $9.3 billion U.S. men’s grooming and skincare market.

“It’s simple for cosmetics—men are a growth industry,” said Ben Parr, co-founder of marketing firm Octane AI, who points to the millennial generation’s embrace of men wearing makeup as a major catalyst. “You’re seeing that impact starting now.”

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    • if I’m not mistaken jewish yemanite men used to wear makeup underneath their eyes.
      if a lot of men would wear makeup it would cease to be a womanly thing no?

    • Because its important for us parents to know the current trends going on in the world. Many of us have kid(s) who dont sit in yeshiva all day and its helpful for us to know whats happening on the other side of the fence

  1. This is not an evolution of traditional masculinity. This is a demolition of traditional masculinity. One third of young American men have gone off the deep end.

  2. Of course, as all of the comments here point out, this particular development of Toeiva is extremely, extremely terrible. However, I am not surprised that CVS would be doing this, for CVS is closely joined with Target Stores; in fact, many CVS outlets are located right inside Target Stores. A few years ago, there was tumult with former President Obama giving orders that all public schools had to allow students who (Rachmana Litzlan) had their genders “changed” to use the restrooms of their (supposed) “new” gender. At about that same time, Target brazenly declared its similar policy that all people who (Rachmana Litzlan) had their gender “changed” to use the restrooms of their (supposed) “new” gender.

    So, as Target, Yimach Shemo V’Zichro, is so excessively supporting and promoting the worst levels of Toeiva, it is not surprising at all that its good friend, CVS, Yimach Shemo V’Zichro, will also be promoting big forms of Toeiva.

  3. and cvs as well as quaker oats, and furniture companies that will no longer manufacture ‘master. bedroom sets—how have the american people allowed this to happen?

  4. (Continuation of my previous remark)

    A few years ago, when Target proclaimed its excessive Toeiva policy, many Arch-Conservative political and religious groups declared THAT THEY WOULD BOYCOTT TARGET; almost immediately, Target’s stock on the U.S. Stock Market went significantly down.


  5. response to ‘look at the facts’: when target allowed everyone to use any bathrooms that struck their fancy, i tor up my target credit car, mailed it back to the company, and i have never been in a target store since


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