New Machmirim Milk With Four Hashgachos, Cholov Yisroel Competition to Heat Up

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machmirim-small[Update below.] A new brand of cholov Yisroel milk, Machmirim, recently debuted and is expected to roll out many additional products, including yogurt. It is already being sold at lower prices than the existing products, such as Golden Flow and Ahava, according to Kosher Today.

Machmirim, whose slogan is “Anachnu Machmirim Bnei Machmirim,” is actually under four hashgachos – the Vaad Hakashrus of Skver, Khal Adath Jeshurun (KAJ), the Nirbater Rov (Rav Aharon Teitelbaum), and the Orthodox Union (OU).

Machmirim is located in Rutherford, NJ, and is expected to pump new life into the cholov Yisroel dairy, launching many new products and significantly upgrading the quality of existing products.

Update: Machmirim has sent the following to

“Machmirim Milk is not and has never been affiliated, associated or connected with Ahava. The ownership has never been in contact with Ahava or has any dealings with them.

“Please note, as a startup company this misinformation is very damaging.

“Thanks you for your prompt attention.”

Machmirim Milk

machmirim{Dovid Newscenter}


  1. And it’s pathetic to write an article which is nothing more than an advertisement – like one newspaper just did about the matzos – and push it as a news item, at least have the class to write advertorial on top.

  2. one of the main reason ahava went under is because they were not profitable and they just sold everything cheaper than anyone else. This is exactly what Machmirim is doing. I wonder how long they will stick arround for

  3. The company in Rutherford also makes yogurt under the “Norman’s ” label- I was mashgiach there- under the Nirbater Rov

  4. Writing about a new entry to the monopolistic cholov yisroel market is newsworthy indeed. Notice that the post quoted, a respected news website reporting on all things kosher.

  5. Are you nuts, is nothing more than one big advertisement.

    if monopolistic interests you, why don’t you write an article about the growth of monopolistic practices starting with meat, and now dairy products…

  6. I recently purchased their milk at a local grocery store for $2.19. Bear in mind, untill these folks came around , Golden Flow and New Square were charging $2.99. Now suddenly they went down to $2.69. Who said competition is not healthy ?

  7. I have a Machmirim bottle in my fridge dated MAR 19, still as fresh as day one.

    I think we finally have Cholov Yisroel with a Heimishe hechsher(s) that last!



  9. Wondering, it happens to be that the article about matzos you refer to was in Yated Neeman and I found it very intersting – because they are selling mehudardike matzahs for $14 a pound! How can you beat that? So if anything, that article was very helpful – in fact i am working on buying those very matzos – Chaburah matzos, for my seder rather than speanding hundreds of dollars on matzos from my shul’s chaburah which costs a fortune. The only problem is that I live in brooklyn and the Chaburah matzos will only be sold in NPGS in Lakewood but I will either pick them up myself or have my children or brotehr do so for me.
    so these article, whether about matzos or milk are very helpful if they help fellow yidden.
    The Torah is chas on mamonan shel Yisroel, and those like Chaburah and Machmirim who are trying to save people mkoney and are making a good product deserve our credit and should be written about all over the place.

  10. I say that we stop milking this topic for what it’s worth. I think it’s cheesy. I say we cream the issue and not be so sour about it. I told my friend, Gurt, “Yo, Gurt, how’s everything?”

    Ona serious note, let’s give these new guys a chance. why do people always have to criticize and lambast somethign before it even makes it into the public eye?

  11. Machmirim is the biggest hit in lakewood since all the girls got in to school!!! let us just hope thsat they produce enough before the vaad puts up signs that we cant buy it until all the families in lakewood are able to buy Machmirim!!!!!

  12. I like the statement Machmirim sent in:
    “Please note, as a startup company this misinformation is very damaging”
    Shoin ein mohl it’s damaging. I have a bottle of My Square dated for April and it’s already spoiled!

  13. Mordechai, I have no idea who Joseph is. I am a brisker through and through and I don’t post under any other name.
    I do not eat any item that has less than three hashgachos, which is why Machmirim is perfect for me, because it has four.
    The more hashgachos, the better.
    Ideally, all products should have 12 hashgachos for each of the 12 shevatim (plus one more because of Efraim and Menashe). However, if your choshed for zugos, make it thirteen.
    I only eat eggs on Pesach from chickens that hadn’t eaten chometz for 30 days before the eggs were hatched.
    I am tovel my Shabbos Lamp and my iPod each day before Shacharis.
    I will take my showers with Machmirim Milk rather than the other companies because of the higher quality and kashrus, although Golden Flow milk comes out of the shower head with a good flow, hence the name Golden Flow.

    And then you wonder why my wife – and Country Yossi – feels I need a psychiatrist.

  14. Why would Matzav post the statement if it came from golden flow? obviously it came from machmirim and i see nothing wrong with what they wrote. and i agree. for readers to make statements here about the company that is untrue could be damaging, so keep it real.

  15. honestly i don’t understand what people want. i found the following on kosher today:

    Major changes are looming for customers that covet the higher kosher standard of Cholov Yisroel dairy…Machmirim has already made its debut with milk…The troubled Ahava Dairies was acquired by Toobro LLC, owned by Menachem and Schneur Bistritzky. The former owner had filed for bankruptcy protection, and the state agriculture department recently shut down the Ogdensburg operation because of contamination of the cheese products there. The Bistritskys are expected to pump new life into the Cholov Yisroel dairy, launching many new products and significantly upgrading the quality of existing products. The clear winner of all this activity will be the kosher consumer.


  16. Shemira, good luck with matzos, you obviously know nothing about the kashrus of matzos if you didn’t realize how that article was trying to sell regular practices and kulos as chomros and mehadrin. You probably don’t know anything about how matza should taste, so good luck.

    And the picture of the dayin inspecting the wheat with the article, was nothing more than a photo shoot, better known as geneivas daas.

  17. “The Torah is chas on mamonan shel Yisroel, and those like Chaburah and Machmirim who are trying to save people mkoney and are making a good product deserve our credit and should be written about all over the place.”

    Everything is lishma, including trying to force other people out of the market, and then raising your prices later… And exaggerating your level of kashrus…

    Yudel Shain is right, don’t trust any new company that opens just in time for pesach.

  18. It’s interesting how Dov Hikind took the credit & praised Golden Flow & Ahava for keeping low prices for Pesach. I think we should thank Machmirim!

  19. Wondering, thanks for letting everyone know about how ignorant I am. I think alook in the mirror would be appropriate.
    Actually, I am quite aware of how matzos are made and the kulos and chumros. I did my due research and I am not just writing for the sake of writing. I know what I am talking about, and I know more about those matzos than you do because I have spoken to the people who were involved – and I have spoken to several matzoh bakery managers who acknowledged that these new matzos are excellent and are very mehudardik. They wouldn’t say so publically, but they cannot compete with the price of the Chaburah matzos.
    Some people liek getting matzoh with their own chaburah which is fine, but don’t knock the new matzos if you have no idea what you are talking about.

  20. Soon there will be cheap meat & chicken to ‘be’mekyaym’ the Torah is ‘chas al moomoinm
    shel yisroel’. I think thats what happened in Monsey not too long ago.
    Wake up and smell the issue.. if it too cheap, then it too ‘mateerim’. Wheather its matzos, meat, milk, tzitziz, mezizes or anything else.
    It is basic economics, basic ‘saychel’. (unless it is being subsidised).

  21. I have to tell u that my life has changed since machmirim came out. I can finally keep milk in my fridge for longer than a day!!

  22. Why can’t we just have a cholov stam milk company that has full time mashkiachs? Wouldn’t that make it cholov yisrael?

  23. Pride of the farm stays fresh for over a week and has no funny taste at all. I get it in Lakewood but I am not sure if it is available in ny.

  24. I was also in BMG and all everyone was hocking was that Matzav wrote about Machmirim milk and everyone should buy it because it is the cheapest and it has 18 hashgachos,a nd it is about time someone did something about the crazy dairy prices, etc. etc. etc.
    So thank you for writing about this! Maybe finally the companies will realize that we, the customers, need a break and we will embrace a company that takes our concerns into consideration!

  25. The name is horrific – Rav Shlomo Zalman zatzal said that one should only take on chumros if one understands personally each halachic chumra through and through.. Otherwise it is a gaivadika posturing. The motto is even more horrific..

    One should organize a protest that this company should change its name!!

  26. “Please note, as a startup company this misinformation is very damaging.”

    The note is damaging indeed, they could at least find someone who writes proper English.

  27. Its about time we got great tasting and long lasting milk. GO MACHMIRIM all the way I can’t wait till they make more products.

  28. I know the person who started this new company. He has no dealings with the Ahava co. etc. Look for yourself and see that the Sky High prices of milk started going down the past few weeks. Cas anyone Guess why? Yes It is when the Monopoly sees that there is some competition who seeks to enter the market, they reduce prices and say stories about the new company. Let us all Scream the TRUTH. GO Machmirim Go. And Give us more Affordable Milk Products

  29. B”H i now have a Cholov Yisroel Milk that matches the label,

    all other brands on the label it’s says Milk when i drink it it taste like sour Cheese 🙂

    Keep up the good work in putting MILK in the bottle, i have a bottle at home 1 more day left and it’s still good, never had this with any other kosher brand,

  30. What is everyone going on about? Why would anyone think this new company is connected to Ahava? There’s nothing in the Kosher Today article to suggest any such thing. So why the special “update”, and all the comments complaining about “wrong information”? The information is exactly right and needs no updates or corrections.

  31. Machmirim located in Rutherford, NJ, is produced by Ahava Dairies, which was recently acquired by Toobro LLC, owned by Menachem and Schneur Bistritzky. It is likly true that Machmirim never had dealings with the previous owners of Ahava. However, they are evedently dealing with the new owners…

  32. When you grab the entry doors away from others. ie Hashgachos. It is for protection. Each hasgacha is “locked in” so as not endorse any other upcoming compitition. How you set up a monopoly…


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