New On-Line Kosher Godiva Chocolate Launched

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 chocolateA premiere Brooklyn Chocolate store has expanded its exclusive line of Godiva kosher chocolate to a new on-line center of exquisite kosher chocolate. is an expansion of Le Chocolate Extraordinaire, founded in 1994 by the Blumenfrucht family. ‘We wanted to bring our top of the line chocolates and creative gifts to a much wider audience,” said Fraydie Blumnefrucht.

The store, Le Chocolatier Extraordinaire, according to Mrs. Blumefrucht, was always one step ahead of creating the ultimate chocolate experience. “Le Chocolatier was the first to take chocolate gift baskets to a new age of elegance, both in its design and variety of products.” Le Chocolatier gifts are created in a variety of platters and trays in ceramic, glass and silver plate. The enticing gift selection from Le Chocolatier Extraordinaire became a key element of any celebration, from a Jewish holiday to a wedding ceremony. The Le Chocolatier’s selections also emerged as an important corporate vehicle with clients and associates.

Le Chocolatier, originally introduced its non-dairy (pareve) selection but subsequently became the only authorized sellers of kosher Godiva Chocolate (OUd). Le Chocolatier is the only Godiva retailer to sell loose Godiva chocolates packaged in their own basket arrangements, under the Rabbinical Certification of Kehilla Kashruth. The site includes a full selection of creative gift baskets as well as an extensive line of the kosher Godiva chocolates, including some of the brand’s most exquisite presentations.

Whether on-line or in the store, shopping at Le Chocolatier Extraordinaire is an experience that is so sweet, you’ll be coming back for more. In the store it’s like shopping in a high-end boutique with its carpeted floors and velvet display cases, making the chocolates even more enticing. Le Chocolatier gift is a pleasure to give and a joy to receive.

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  1. In the interest of honesty, the fact that this is a paid ad should be mentioned in the headline and not buried at the end of the article.

    Thanks for wasting my time.

  2. I have a coworker that is on the verge of becoming frum. She recently made an engagement party for her daughter. Since she is not yet totally religious she was going to buy her chocolate baskets from a quazy kosher store with not much of a hashgacha. She told me after all what can go wrong with some chocolates. After some convincing I got her to shop at Le Chocolate Extraordinaire. It turned out it was a big hit. She said people were very impressed with the kosher Godiva chocolates in addition to the elegant manner in which the chocolates were displayed. The customer service was unreal as well. She told me that she was unaware of the fact that kosher stores could put together such nice stuff. She plans on patronizing more kosher stores after this experience.


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