New Pesach Program Opening In Your Neighborhood

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  1. Stop!, No information re: the Kashrus of a Pesach program?
    Most Pesach hotels have been constantly lowering their pesach kashrus standards.

    Of note; The OU does not currently give a pesach hashgocha to any hotel, as it does not their standards. They should be commended for that stand on kashrus.

  2. I love this program!! I have been going to it for many years now. Over the years I and my family have enjoyed it in New York, in Monsey in Detroit and even in Miami Beach.

    Just one thing I don’t get, what’s the hurry? There is no limited space and as time goes more spots open up (unfortunately) than fill up, in fact all spots started out full.

    Kol Hakavod to the hard working organizers who labor with love to get it done so mehudar!

  3. This is a creative way to push for Pesach at Home (with your family, your kashrus, your minhagim, your shul, your Rav, etc.). Note the last line; call YOUR home or cell for reservations.
    Yiyasher kochacha and tizku l’mitzvos to whoever had the guts and talent to post this.

  4. Anyone that needs any help in deciding what products to purchase for pesach? can contact us at
    We can send you our Pesach recommended products list, which we have been compiling for the past few years.


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