New Poll: Among Chareidim, Non-Chassidim Outnumber Chassidim in Israel

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chareidim israelFor years, the assumption in Eretz Yisroel was that the ratio of Chassidim to non-Chassidim was 60:40.

This claim has ramifications in regard to the division of the seats of Yahadut Hatorah.

Now, a new poll reveals others.

Strategist Nati Gamliel performed the poll over a period of eight weeks for Bechadrei Chareidim. The poll shows that 54.4 percent of the Ashkenazi chareidi community in Israel is non-Chassidish, while 45.6 percent is Chassidish.

If the poll findings are verified, it might affect the number of seats in the Knesset awarded to Degel Hatorah versus Agudas Yisroel.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. The demographics are not the only factor in the UTJ split of Knesset seats. The Shomrei Emunim sector, which includes non-Chassidic Yerushalmis, pulls a lot of weight, politically speaking. And the chassidim pull more weight because they can produce a solid block of votes, which the Litvishe can’t do as well, and especially now with the Peleg faction.

  2. Two thoughts:

    One, how accurate can a poll of people be when, as a matter of religious belief, those people generally do not participate in polls?

    Two, to what degree do those previous assumptions factor in the degree to which different chareidi groups participate — or not participate — in the political process?

  3. Perhaps a more accurate gauge would be by the student population in the respective schools.

    In the US some study I saw indicated that twenty years ago there were more bochrim learning in Litivishe Yeshivos today there are more bochrim learning in Chasdishe Yeshivos

  4. who defines which people are chareidim? are chareidim different from yeshivish? are chareidim different from shomrei torah u’mitzvos? are chareidim different from shomrei kashrus, shabbos and taharas hamishpacha?


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