New Poll: Netanyahu’s Likud Down To 20 Seats



A Channel 10 poll published on Friday, just three days before this week’s Knesset election, has given only 20 seats to Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s Likud party – the lowest the party has polled since the leadup to the vote.

Conducted by Prof. Camil Fuchs on behalf of the channel, the poll gives 24 seats to the Zionist Camp of Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni.

{ Israel}


  1. Hakadosh Baruch Hu is the Melech malchei hamelachim, meaning that He is the King of the kings of the kings. If we assume that Netanyahu is one of the potential kings, Hakadosh Baruch Hu is the King over the kings that rule over Netanyahu and his opponents. Those kings that will choose the king to be are the voters. Hakadosh Baruch Hu will place into the minds and hearts of the voters those feelings and thoughts that will lead to the election of the next prime minister. It is the decree of shamayim that will determine the next government, not the predictions of the pundits.

    We should be mispallel that Hashem should provide us with an appropriate leader and government that will strengthen adherence to the shulchan aruch and that will improve the lot of bnei Torah. May Chodesh Nisan bring us the geulah.

  2. In Hebrew A Poll is called SEKER except that it all a SHEKER by the leftist Media which by the way is called TIKSHORET or you may call it TISHKORET which again means SHEKER

  3. Learning from the Left

    In this regard the left has an advantage in that they are marketing change; that we need a change; that we are tired and stressed and on the verge of despair (God forbid) and we need for things to get better.

    What is the problem with this? Nothing.

    The problem is with the outcome, which according to logic we would call a non-sequitur or the fallacy of the slipped modal operator. The left is saying that because of A, B, C (need for change, poverty, sense of hopelessness, etc…) we need D (any one of the left political figures).

    What does the right say? We need to keep fighting against Iran, keep up the battle against terrorism, against ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc…

    This is very poor marketing.

    People are tired and need answers now. This is what the left is marketing. Not the outcome—whichever D is in rotation as Prime Minister that day—but the As, Bs, and Cs. The common sentiment that we are at the brink and we can’t take it any longer; that things need to change right now.

    From a marketing perspective the only thing that separates the far left from the far right is context and the outcome. They say peace now, we say Moshiach; they say to make sacrifices for peace, we say to have mesirat nefesh, self-sacrifice, to bring Moshiach; they say we need change now, and we say we need to overturn the world today.

    The public doesn’t want to hear about status quo, about holding on, because many of us are barely holding it together. We need answers not political stances; we need to know that yesh atid, that there is a future… but not a future filled with failed policies.

  4. “The fundamental problem of Democracy is that the majority of voters are idiots fueled by uninformed rage – and the Politicians do everything to cater to them.”

  5. “They are not accurate”

    Actually, they usually are. The meta-analysis (weighted average) of polls got the 2012 election in the US almost exactly right. (Nate Silver’s weighted average got all 50 states correct.) Polls are pretty good in Israel, too, although the 2013 polls had Likud doing a little better than the final result turned out to be.


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