New Poll Shows Only 6% of Israelis Think Ted Cruz is the Most Pro-Israel Candidate

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A new poll conducted by the Ruderman Family Foundation, a Boston-based organization focused on strengthening the relations between Israel and the American Jewish community and dedicated to disability inclusion, found that only 6% of the Israeli public think Republican candidate Senator Ted Cruz is the most pro-Israel option.

The recent study polled 500 Jewish Israelis of all backgrounds and religious denominations. When asked who Israelis believed was the most ‘pro-Israel’ US presidential candidate, 33% responded with Trump, 31% for Hillary Clinton, while Bernie Sanders fared worse than Cruz with 5%.

The poll, conducted by Dialog, asked Israelis a number of questions surrounding the relationship between Israel and the American Jewish community, a relationship the Foundation works tirelessly to strengthen. As part of these efforts, the Foundation is currently hosting 6 Israeli Members of Knesset for a one-week mission to the US for a series of sessions and meetings with leaders, philanthropists, elected officials, students and the greater Jewish public to learn about a wide array of issues and concerns facing the American Jewish community and to strengthen the relationship between the two countries moving forward.

“Israelis have a heightened concern over the outcome of the US presidential election since they know that the United States is Israel’s most important ally in the world,” said Jay Ruderman, President of the Ruderman Family Foundation. “Israelis also understand that the American Jewish community plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the United States remains a strong defender of the Jewish State.”

The poll revealed 53% of Israelis feel that Israeli Knesset members should take American Jews into consideration while drafting laws that might affect them in Israel; 86% of Israelis believe the Israeli Knesset should have close ties with American Jews; and 60% feel that Prime Minister Netanyahu should denounce remarks made by members of his cabinet that are viewed as offensive toward American Jews.

It has been well reported that the relationship between the State of Israel and the American Jewish community is in flux and faced with many challenges, highlighted by recent controversy surrounding the new egalitarian prayer section at the Western Wall that the Israeli government initially passed and then delayed.

Find complete poll results below:

1. U.S. Presidential elections: In your opinion, which candidate is the most pro-Israel?
A. Ted Cruz 6%
B. Donald Trump 33%
C. John Kasich 1%
D. Hilary Clinton 31%
E. Bernie Sanders 5%
F. I don’t know 24%

2. Often, Israeli Knesset members ask American Jews to “enlist” in support of the state of Israel on foreign policy and security issues, including combating growing boycotts of Israel, bolstering the Israeli home front, and U.S. military aid to Israel, among others. Do you agree or disagree that American Jews must actively stand alongside Israel on issues like these?
A. Agree 84%
B. Disagree 9%
C. No opinion 7%

3. Do you agree or disagree with the notion that Israeli Knesset members should take American Jews into consideration while drafting laws that might affect them in Israel?
A. Agree 53%
B. Disagree 32%
C. No opinion 15%

4. Recently, some Israeli Knesset members have made remarks viewed as very offensive to Reform Jews. Do you believe that the prime minister should denounce such remarks and act to prevent further offensive statements?
A. Agree 60%
B. Disagree 23%
C. No opinion 17%

5. Do you believe Israeli Knesset members should have close ties with American Jews?
A. Yes 86%
B. No 14%

6. If so, what is the primary reason those ties should exist?
A. Because Israel is the nation state of the entire Jewish people 57%
B. Because American Jews are natural partners in the continued growth of the state of Israel 10%
C. Because of the donations American Jews make to Israel 7%
D. Because American Jews act for Israel in the international arena 26%

7. Do you believe Israel-U.S. relations improved or deteriorated over the past two years?
A. Improved 10%
B. Deteriorated 40%
C. They remain unchanged 30%
D. No opinion 20%

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  1. 1. A poll of 500 people in a population of millions is statistically meaningless.

    2, As with most polls, the questions were biased so that the outcome would be according to the desires of those who funded the poll.

    3. Unless the people polled are all US citizens, it really doesn’t matter. I’m sure a poll of 50 Iranians or Chinese would come out with a similar result.

  2. Israelis have no clue what’s going on in American politics, how should they know any better.
    And what do I care what Israelis think?

  3. just shows how little Israelis know about the candidates.
    Cruz has been the most vocal in his support for Israel and has a track record to prove.
    Remember he walked of a stage when the crowd booed Israel and said either you stand with Israel or i wont stand with you.

  4. Cruz is a snake.
    This is asinine. Hillary is the best bet.

    To think they want Trump is to think they favor their daddy just for losing their puppy. Its that offensive.

  5. Anonymous, just like you withhold your name you should withhold your comments. They’re asinine.
    Hillary is a nothing from the land of nothings. She’s a power hungry carpetbagger, whose greatest and only accomplishment is staying out of prison regardless of a potential rap sheet that should read like a 700 page novel.
    If you listened to the debate Th. night, she spoke and spoke and spoke and said absolutely nothing except empty platitudes and clichés. She has no morals, no conscience, no backbone. True, she’s better than crazy Bernie, but that’s not saying much at all.
    Did you see the video of Cruz standing up to the Arabs at a rally for him? When he mentioned he was pro Israel, he was heavily booed. His response? If you cannot stand together with Israel I cannot stand together with you”. There isn’t a politician within 50 miles of Washington other than Cruz that has the backbone and the principles to do such a thing. A snake? You gotta have your head examined!


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