New Research Finds Most People are Miserable on Tuesdays


stressed-out-depressedHearing that alarm go off first thing on Monday morning is totally depressing, almost as bad for morale as when we stopped getting carded at clubs. And having to drag your still-hungover, overtired self through the day is no easy feat, either. So what about the news that Tuesdays are even worse?Yep, people are at their lowest on Tuesdays, according to a new study from the London School of Economics, where researchers monitored the moods of 22,000 people over a two-month period, using the iPhone app Mappiness.

George MacKerron, an academic in LSE’s Department of Geography and Environment, told The Telegraph: “It seems plausible that on Monday the weekend has not quite worn off. By Tuesday they are well into the working week and the following weekend is not yet in sight.”



  1. did your editing department quit??? thats the only reason i could think of that you’d post such a pointless article with such goyish conotations!

  2. “using the iPhone app Mappiness.”

    I wonder if its limited to people who are busy telling their phone their mood. What about reaserching the rest of us? Or is this whole idea of being regularly depressed a cause to play with these apps?

  3. Come to think of it. perhaps, it’s due to the fact that Tuesday is last day of the spiritual nourishment of the past Shabbos etc.


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