New Rubashkin Claims Garner Support From Former Attorneys General, Judges

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Prosecutors used disturbing tactics that secured a 27-year prison sentence for Sholom Rubashkin according to a letter signed by more than 100 former U.S. attorneys general, judges and others, the DES MOINES REGISTER reports.

The April 19 letter urges Kevin Techau, the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Iowa, to “rectify the injustice” done to Rubashkin of Agriprocessors.

The letter comes as defense attorneys detailed new evidence in a March filing suggesting that prosecutors knowingly allowed “false and misleading” testimony at a sentencing hearing that U.S. District Judge Linda Reade relied on in handing down the lengthy sentence. Among the signers accusing the prosecutors of misconduct are four former attorneys general, the Cabinet official appointed by the president to oversee all prosecutions by the U.S. Department of Justice: John Ashcroft, Ramsey Clark, Edwin Meese III and Michael Mukasey.

The March petition filed by Sholom Rubashkin’s attorneys claim that it was improper interference by federal prosecutors in this bankruptcy sale, which was previously unknown, that led to the lengthy sentence. Read the full report at DES MOINES REGISTER.




  1. So Rubashkin was railroaded by the corrupt system after all. Will all those self-righteous types, all those quick to accuse other yiden of Chilul H, will they apologize for speaking ill against Rubashkin?


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