New Security Arrangement at Har Hazeisim

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har-hazeisimA special security arrangement is now in place at Har Hazeisim in Jerusalem to prevent acts of vandalism liable to dishonor the dead, which have been taking place for years and with increasing frequency in recent months, Rachmono litzlan. The arrangement was implemented based on orders from the Prime Minister’s Office and a decision will be presented to the government for approval on Sunday.

During a meeting held with Eyal Gabbai, director of the Prime Minister’s Office, a directive was issued to provide security for the cemetery immediately in order to prevent further desecration of the gravesites and to protect visitors.

In attendance at the meeting were the directors of the Interior Security Ministry and the Religious Services Ministry, a representative from the Ministry of Construction and Housing, the assistant attorney general, the rov of the Kosel Maarovi and holy sites, the chairman of the Jerusalem Development Authority and representatives from Israel Police.

The security arrangement will be carried out by the Ministry of Construction and Housing with funding by the Prime Minister’s Office under the multi-year program for the renovation of the Old City and Mount of Olives area. Security will be executed under the guidance of Israel Police.

In recent years the Prime Minister’s Office, through the Jerusalem Development Authority, has been renovating and developing the Jewish cemetery on Har Hazeisim.

 {Deaih veDibur/ Newscenter}


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