New Security Software at Sha’ar Shechem

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Israel has adopted a new security plan for Sha’ar Shechem, the major link between Old and new Yerushalayim. Thirty-two terrorist assaults have taken place there in the past thirty months and most recently, the murder of border policewoman Hadas Malka.

Soldiers arrested an East Yerushalayim Palestinian under suspicion of deliberately driving three terrorists to Sha’ar Shechem where one of them killed her. The mother of one of the terrorists was arrested in her West Bank village of Deir Abu Mashal near Ramallah for praising shahids (martyrs) and calling for more attacks against Jews. Inciting posters and flags were also found in her town.

Israel Hayom reported that the plan to secure Sha’ar Shechem includes deployment of license plate identifying cameras, smart cameras to identify passersby, fortified security posts, metal detectors, fences and a daylight simulating lighting system. Further measures may include the removal of line-of-site interferences and the deployment of full-time drones.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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