New Sefer On Kiruv: Umekareiv Biyamin


umekareiv binyominOver the past seventy years the Jewish nation has seen a truly remarkable development, the multitudes of Jews returning to their roots. Our leaders and rabbanim work tirelessly to teach these Baalei Teshuva and to guide them on their journey.

Rabbi Chaim Avraham Zakutinsky was  zoche to be raised in a home which has been a crucial stop on the path of many of those returning to Judaism. He was inspired by the incredible work of his father, Rabbi Yehuda Zakutinsky shlit”a, , one of the pioneers of the kiruv movement and a leading authority on Jewish outreach and the creator and director of the outreach organization Hashevaynu, based in Queens, New York. Therefore, Rabbi Chaim Avraham Zakutinsky wrote a sefer 6 years ago to help outreach rabbanim, the  anshei chayil , continue their remarkable Avodas Hakodesh.

The Hebrew sefer that he authored is titled “Umekareiv Biyamin” is an in depth analysis of the most commonly asked questions posed to kiruv rabbanim. Some issues discussed in that sefer are inviting Shabbos guests when they will be driving to the meal, counting non-observant Jews for a minyan, and Reform marriage in halacha.  It has haskamos and divrei bracha from leading gedolim of America including Rabbi Rueven Feinstein shlit”a, Rabbi Yisroel Belsky shlit”a and Rabbi Noach Oelbaum shlit”a. Rabbi Belsky writes that this work can serve as an invaluable tool to all those who are working on helping Jews become more observant in keeping Torah and mitzvos. (While this sefer is currently sold out, please click here to download a copy of this sefer free of charge: )

Baruch Hashem Rabbi Chaim Avraham Zakutinsky just completed “Umekareiv Biyamin Volume 2”, where additional commonly posed questions are discussed. Some topics discussed in this sefer include whether to perform a pidyon haben when one does not know if the child is a kohen, levi or yisrael, attending a wedding in a conservative synagogue, using secular tunes for davening, naming children after non-observant  Jews and whether a person who is now a Baal Teshuva can recite Kaddish for a parent who had passed away before he became religious.

A sample of the sefer “Umekrareiv Biyamin Volume 2” is available upon request.  To preorder a copy of the sefer please contact The preordered copies will cost only $12 (plus shipping and handling).

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