New Study Suggests COVID-19 Could Infect Lungs Via The Gums

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It is widely believed that COVID-19 infects the upper respiratory tract via the airways, but a new study suggests the novel coronavirus could actually be entering through the gums, according to an article published Tuesday in the Journal of Oral Medicine and Dental Research.

The virus researchers state COVID-19 settles in the saliva, enters the bloodstream via openings in the gums, and then travels to the heart and lungs.

“If confirmed, this hypothetical model may provide a rationale for understanding why some individuals develop COVID-19 lung disease and others do not. It would also fundamentally change the way COVID-19 is managed, providing a new line of exploration into treatments targeted at the source of the viral reservoir, the mouth.”

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  1. Nothing to do with Covid-19 nonsense and everything to do from mask wearing as many doctors have warned. Masks can cause major health deterioration and premature death. Masks are not only dangerous for the lungs, teeth and gums, they’re dangerous for the brains, liver, heart and blood. They have no purpose other than to kill you.


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