New Stunning Footage from Marmara Ship: ‘Millions of Martyrs to Gaza’


flotilla[Video below.] The Israeli Foreign Ministry today published a new video filmed by one of the activists on the Marmara ship before the Israel Defense Forces’ deadly takeover at sea.

The video shows Bulent Yildirim, leader of the IHH group which organized the aid flotilla to the Gaza Strip, speaking before the dozens of activists on board the ship.

“We don’t want to be recorded in Allah’s book as cowards,” he said, encouraging the ship’s passengers, “Those who stand against us are numerous. They are so weak that for four – five days they have been engaging in propaganda. They have been humiliated in front of the whole world.”

“Now they are saying that they will launch a fleet against us. That they will send the commandos here. And we say, ‘If you send the commandos, we will throw you down from here and you will be humiliated in front of the whole world’,” he told the crowd, who responded by chanting “Allahu akbar”.

Another speaker told those present in Arabic, “Don’t be like the ones who turned back and don’t turn back.” Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Islamic Movement’s northern branch can be seen sitting among the crowd.

An Egyptian parliament member then shouted to the crowd: “Millions of martyrs marching to Gaza,” and the crowd echoed his words.

The Foreign Ministry said the footage was found among the possessions of one of the flotilla’s passengers.

On Wednesday, the IHH said the next Gaza flotilla it plans to deploy will set sail in the second half of July and will include at least six aid ships. Details of the new Turkish flotilla were given to members of the European Parliament. According to the organizers, additional ships are slated to join the flotilla.

The IHH invited journalist to examine the content of the aid to be loaded onto the ships, in order to “demonstrate the desire for complete transparency.”

Israel has accused the organization of contact with international jihad organizations, and even al-Qaeda. The IHH vehemently denied the accusations.

Click below to watch the newly released footage:

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{Ynet/Yair Israel}


  1. This is pathetic. They accuse Israel of having conducted a propaganda ploy by easing the restrictions on gaza while they shamelessly send people to be “martyrs” by breaking the blockade. If that isn’t propaganda, then I don’t know what is! These people want it both ways apparently. They want an end to the blockade yet they don’t want to address the reasons why it was enacted in the first place. If hamas and their supporters renounce violence and recognize Israel (not likely to happen), there will be no problems! Its very convenient for them to blame Israel for the situation in gaza for their cheap propaganda. It’s a big scam.


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