New Tutoring Agency Opens in Lakewood

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school-desksConfused parents, overwhelming expenses, and ultimately frustrated children have become an all too common result of a parents search for the right tutor to fit their child’s needs. With the opening of the

Lakewood Tutoring Agency that’s all something of the past.

From math, reading, writing, kriah and all Hebrew subjects, LTA will find you a tutor who best fits your child’s specific needs.

“We have over 200 teachers and tutors with many years experience in special and regular education that are available to help your child,” says LTA. “We have tutors who have expertise in every field of education.

If a parent wants a certain reading or kriah technique or a specific method in teaching math, LTA is the answer. The tutors are available at all times and at the convenience of your location. LTA is in contact with a lot of the local mosdos and is working with them.

LTA offers a variety of services all at very affordable prices. “Tutoring can be a big financial burden on a parent, but now with the Lakewood Tutoring Agency it is much more affordable” says a principal in a local mosad.

For more information, call 732-363-6433 or email at

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  1. I Heard about this New Tutoring Agency and personally know the people running, this has got to be the best new program around. affordable,and professional, i recommend this to everyone!

  2. Interesting how things have changed in the last 20 years
    growing up, the concept of tutoring was rare and only applied in cases where someone was really struggling behind the class average
    most of us spent time after school playing, helping around the house or working an after school job
    Now-a-days our children spend their spare time being shuttled to tutoring or additional shiurim

    what has changed in the last 20years from the norms of the previous generations

  3. i think this is a great idea for all parents just to relieve the burden of children with more difficuties doing homework maybe they can do small group sessions charge a little more and split the bill
    yosher koach to the young entreprenurs

  4. The best thing about this is, is that they are making tutoring affordable.I know first hand that they have the very experienced tutors and are all very professional! Hatzlacha Rabbah!

  5. This agency is great. We are currently using them for three of my kids and have seen great results so far. The tutors are kind and warm and the price is very reasonable. They are highly recommended.

  6. Finally someone who cares about our children. How diffrent things would look today if we had such a service when us parents were growing up! Hatzlacha! May you only see nachas

  7. Indeed, why the need for “hundreds tutors? What’s happening in schools and yeshivos.
    Very moved by the flood of enthusiam and support…..

  8. Nothing agains this new entity, they may be great and I wish them all the best, but….Does anyone else here smell “spam” posting in the (self?) interest of promoting this business?

  9. Let’s have this person sit on the board of education. At least he sees what the community needs. Can we get his name and have a write in????


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