New UK Prime Minister Theresa May Is a Friend of the Jewish Community


As the UK’s longest serving Home Secretary in over 50 years, Theresa May has a wealth of political experience in one of the most difficult jobs in British politics and is certainly well versed on the threats facing the Jewish community, Mike FreerĀ reports.

In the immediate aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo and HyperCacher attacks in France of January 2015, she asserted that “without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain,” and attended a high-profile rally to jointly declare with the community – “Je suis Juif – I am Jewish.”

May announced earlier this year that the government had committed 13.4 million pounds for security measures in the Jewish community – an increase of 2 million pounds. She said: “No one wants the school where they send their child to need security guards, or have their place of worship be fitted with security alarms and blast-resistant glass. But until that changes, the government is clear – we will stand by the Jewish community.”



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