New Weiner Ad: I Won’t Quit

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weinerNew York mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner has posted a new campaign ad to his website. Main idea: he’s not pulling out, no matter how much everyone might want him to leave the race.

In the minute-long video, lit softy and with ambient music playing in the background, Weiner says, “I know that there are newspaper editors, and other politicians that say, ‘Boy, I wish that guy Weiner would quit.'”  But the former congressman says, “They don’t know New York, certainly don’t know me. Quit isn’t the way we roll in New York City.” 

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Although he did something that should preclude him from being mayor I don’t think he should stop his campaign.

    The same media telling him to step down supported Bill Clinton staying president after doing much worse things.He is just being picked on and he shouldn’t let himself be bullied.

    Not that I want him to be mayor (although there are no good choices either way)I just don’t like some politicians but not others being buillied


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