New York City Spends $6.5M To Fix Up Pre-K School – For 18 Kids


New York City’s School Construction Authority spent more than $6.5 million to convert a Bay Ridge storefront into a pre-K school with a capacity of just 18 kids, The NY Post reports.

That’s 362,222 per tot. The SCA doled out the eye-popping sum to transform a defunct clothing store that sat beneath a massive parking garage at 8501 Fifth Ave. last year.

“I was incredulous,” said Community Education Council 20 president Laurie Windsor. “This is so much money. So much money on a site that only houses only one class.”

Watchdogs blasted the spending as excessive, especially given the limited number of seats at the school. Read more at The NY Post.




  1. Not so shocking. The price of the average “handyman special” house in Brooklyn goes for around 1.8 million. This outrage was caused by the evil thieving real estate agents!


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