New York City Woman Shocked To See “Negro” As An Option On Juror Form

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ny-jurror-negro-formA New York City woman was shocked when she was asked if she identified as ‘Black, African American or Negro’ on a juror form.

Raeana Roberson, 25, who is black, received the form on Monday from the Queens County courthouse when called in for jury duty.

‘I felt shocked and upset and totally disrespected,’ Roberson told The Huffington Post.

Roberson shared her anger on Facebook, snapping a picture of the form and writing the caption ‘REALLY? “Negro”…that I am not. Hello 2014? …jury duty..’

Roberson claims she returned the form to a court employee who is also black, the website adds, but received no reaction. She said that no other jurors looked upset by the form.

Roberson, who was ultimately not selected for jury duty, says her experience brought up her family history.

‘My grandfather is from South Carolina. He grew up in the Jim Crow South,’ she told The Huffington Post

The term ‘Negro,’ it turns out, is used on both city and statewide forms.

Arlene Hackel, a New York State office of court administration representative, said that courts collect data on race and gender on juror forms to uphold the Sixth Amendment, the Huffington Post reports. This is meant to ensure that a fair trial will take place consisting of a ‘cross-section of the community where the crime occurred.’

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