New York State Begins Suspending Registrations For Toll Scofflaws


New York state is cracking down on drivers who do not pay tolls.

As WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell reported, the state has begun suspending the registrations of vehicles driven by persistent toll evaders in an effort to make sure motorists don’t try to cheat the system.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that the process of suspending 575 registrations has started. It is part of a policy implemented this year that allows the state to suspend registrations of those who fail to pay tolls five times in 18 months.




  1. Can someone please tell us how one can find out if there’s a suspension order placed on his license? This info remains within the computer system of the DMV and the only was one finds out is there is a traffic stop by a policeman at which time an arrest will be made for driving with a suspended license. How can I find out now in order to tend to it?
    My license was once suspended because of a lapse of insurance coverage of several days. I had no idea that this suspension went into effect until nearly three years later.

  2. When they started those tolls, it was only a minute amount. Incrementally, it was raised to the current highway robbery levels. With all these billions collected, a tiny percentage is spent on the actual roads and infrastructure. Typical gubmit tactic: pretend to try to solve a problem, institute a minor burden supposedly in order to solve the above problem, keep on increasing the burden once it becomes accepted by the public, abandon solving of the original problem all together, keep up the ever increasing burden on the dumb public.


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