New York State Senator Tweets ‘Kill Yourself!’ at GOP Aide

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The Wall Street Journal reports: A Democratic New York state senator apologized Tuesday after telling a Republican spokeswoman that she should kill herself.

Sen. Kevin Parker, who represents a district in Brooklyn, wrote his comment on Twitter after the deputy communications director for the state Senate’s GOP majority, Candice Giove, said a car with Mr. Parker’s placard was blocking a bike lane in Midtown Manhattan. A picture of the car in the bike lane was posted to Twitter on Thursday by another user.

“Kill yourself!” Mr. Parker said Tuesday in response to Ms. Giove’s tweet. The post was deleted within minutes. Mr. Parker later apologized on social media.

Mr. Parker told The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday that Ms. Giove was a Twitter troll whose work for the GOP conference and the now-defunct Independent Democratic Conference, which was allied with Republicans, was out of step. “My words were not proper to say, and I’ve apologized for that,” Mr. Parker said. “But let’s understand what this is about: She should be spending her time getting her conference in line with the values of the people of the state of New York.” Read more at the Wall Street Journal.



  1. Yup, this is the Democrat party that our sheeple Askanim commanded the guillibe amongst us to vote for. Thank you.

  2. This is not the first time that K.P. has been in the news for such a type of thing.

    הוא כעסן גדול, ניט א גרויסע צדיק, ואעפ”כ יש ‘עסקנים’ שחונפים אותו כסדר ר”ל

  3. Since this is already the third incident with him reported in the news (who knows if there were not more that didn’t get such publicity), he should face severe consequences.

    A small, deficient apology is not enough.


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