New York State’s Cellphone Taxes Are Among Highest In The Nation

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The cellphone has become a necessity in many households, both modest and wealthy, but governments are driving up its price, especially in New York, the New York Post reports.

New York state has some of the highest cellphone taxes in the United States. That’s one of the conclusions of a new report by the Tax Foundation. It found that in New York City a typical household with four phones pays $100 per month for taxable wireless services. The national monthly average is about $27 in wireless taxes, fees and surcharges.

“Overall, New York state residents face the fifth-highest combined state and local cellphone tax rate in the country at 18.56 percent,” the report said. Add federal wireless charges, and taxes comprise 25 percent of the New York household cellphone bill.



  1. Every tax in NY is one of the highest in the nation!! NY politicians are so determined to give mega amounts of money to the so called poor and the only way to get the money is to constantly hike taxes and create new ones.


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