New York Times Selects Orthodox Jews as Growing NY Power Group

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bloombergThe power of Orthodox Jews is on the rise, and not just in Israel — the Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn have been recognized as a power bloc to watch by The New York Times.

“The Orthodox community has emerged as a stand-alone force that needs to be reckoned with,” Ezra Friedlander, who runs a public affairs consultant company, is quoted as saying in a special issue due out this week.

The newspaper’s special “power” issue, due on newstands this week and already available to online readers at, highlights “who is on the top and who is on the way, as identified by the reporters of The New York Times.” Orthodox Jews are joined by the Catholic Church under the heading “Religious Blocs,” and in the realm of individual recognition, New York’s Jewish mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg, tops the list. Bloomberg is joined by New Jersey Governor (and potential Republican vice presidential nominee) Chris Christie, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly.

Orthodox Jews in New York, the report states, are grabbing power thanks to their growing numbers and a sharp rise in Internet usage.

“The Orthodox community, led by younger social media-aware voters, tends to focus on social services like tuition assistance for yeshivas, busing and housing, but votes socially conservative on issues like same-[gender] marriage. Their numbers are growing. According to the census, since the previous count, Borough Park was the one neighborhood in the city with more than 100,000 people that grew, by 5.2 percent,” the report states.

The influence of this community — and its high birth rate — should not be lost on politicians, Friedlander tells The New York Times. “No candidate should take the Orthodox community for granted,” he says.

{Israel Hayom/ Newscenter}


  1. The NY Times reported that because of the major kiddush Hashem made by members of the Flatbush community in two recent races, voting for Republicans Bob Turner and David Starobin, due to their support for traditional marriage, in contrast with their opponents.

    those quoted in the article, is, on the contrary, part of the old, tired, cynical establishment connected at the hip to the Democratic party, who sell out Torah values for benefits. They should not be pretending to be part of the same camp as the proud Torah values voters. Perhaps the NY Times doesn’t know the difference, but let no one who wants to know the truth be fooled by the machinations of politicos.

  2. Growing – in the New York-New Jersey area. Most of the rest of the country doesn’t know much, if anything, about Orthodox Jews and wouldn’t care if they did. Except for two locations in the world, New York City and Medinat Israel, we are a minority of a minority, It’s a good thing to keep this point in mind when we participate in politics.

  3. What exactly has Mayor Bloomberg done for the Orthodox community?

    pushed Toaivah marriage, unwanted concerts, tried to veto busing for yeshivas, pushed the ground zero mosque, left the city in the snow storm, cut priority 7 vouchers ext.

  4. To #4 Facts:

    Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve been trying to say the exact same thing for a long time
    You are using your seichel & haven’t been bought out by the false promoters/hucksters! B”H, I’m not alone.


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