New Yorkers Not Practicing Social Distancing Will Face Fine, De Blasio Says


New Yorkers could now face an up-to $500 fine for refusing to practice social distancing as the city fights the surging coronavirus, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Sunday.

“It’s as simple as this,” Hizzoner said. “If someone is told by an officer ‘Disperse, keep moving,’ … and they don’t follow the direct instruction from the officer — or they say they’re doing it, then they come back right away — I’m comfortable at this point that they will be fined.”

The summonses will range from $250 to $500, a sum that de Blasio said anyone still refusing to keep a distance deserves to be fined, as the city has now tallied 32,308 confirmed cases and 678 deaths.

“You’ve been warned and warned and warned again,” said de Blasio. “If anyone doesn’t listen, then they deserve a fine at this point.”

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  1. So why does he force his own City employees to risk their own lives to walk the streets of Brooklyn just to give out parking tickets? Is the Mayor that heartless?

    • He’s doing this in order to SAVE LIVES! You think the money is going to him? It’s probably going to the people on ventilators!


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