Newly Released Hamas Photo Shows Gilad Shalit In Captivity

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shalitThe Hamas terror group today released a new picture featuring kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit with one of the guards who watched over him during his five years in captivity in the Gaza Strip.

The guard, named as Abd al-Rahman al-Mubasar, recently died in a tunnel collapse in the Gaza Strip, Hamas said, reports Times of Israel.

The image was broadcast on Hamas’s television station.

In the picture, a smiling Shalit can be seen in the same shirt he was wearing on the day he was released, which Channel 10 television speculated could indicate the picture was taken on October 18, 2011, the day of the soldier’s release as part of a prisoner swap.

On Monday, Hamas named five group members — Sami al-Hamaidah, Abdallah Labad, Khaled Abu Bachrah, Mahmoud Rashid Daoud, and Abd al-Rahman al-Mubasar — who it said were involved in guarding Shalit. All five have since died, according to reports in the Arabic-language media.

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  1. Unbelievable – without knowing who’s in the picture I’d think it was two friends sharing a joke. Similarly to those who observed Eichmann ym”s noticing the banality of evil, so too we can observe that evil, murderous, genocidal individuals look just like anyone else.


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