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>>Follow Matzav On Whatsapp!<< has learned exclusively that an “Open Orthodox” institution has paskened that women should not listen to Parshas Zachor. The מהר״ת said that people should never think that there is a חיוב or even any reason at all to listen to a male (זכר).

In other news, the Open Orthodox institution took their ספרי תורה to the סופרת to be corrected. They found a פסול by פרשת קרח. The מהר״ת pulled out her Maxwell House הגדה and showed that it should be spelled כורך.

The סופרת also changed the מגילה to say, “להיות כל איש משרת בביתה.”

Stay tuned for other breaking developments.

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  1. This is not the “frum” world making fun of the modern world. Open Orthodoxy has distanced themselves from the frum world by their actions.

  2. Very Shvach they could have spoofed this one much better.Ex. Open Orthodoxy supports attendance at the Mishteh HaMelech Achashveirosh – unlike the backwards Mordechai HaTzadik we at Open Orthodoxy feel that attending the Mishteh HaMelech will usher in a new era of good feelings .
    Of course a Open Orthodoxy press release after the Mishteh denouncing Vashti`s killing and a call for increased women rights
    For all the cry babies please see Rambam Aivel 1:10

  3. This is based on a total misunderstanding of the woman’s obligation to hear Parashas Zachor. The correct women’s reading is Isha ki sazria v’yoldah zachar. I hope this is helpful.

  4. Please remember that the Gemarah in Yoma 9b says that sinas chinam destroyed the Second Beis Hamikdash. We should be fighting the insidious nature of so-call Open orthodoxy, but not like this. HaShem expects better of Us!

  5. lWhether the attempt at humor was a success,the purpose is laudatory.
    ( The dear Chofetz Chaim would have been a ‘hater’ by some of these bloggers,for having wished to kill the jewish communists)

  6. While I will not offer my own opinion do you know hilchos loshon hora well enough to claim that this is loshon hora and is there really sinas chinom involved to those who are sickened/saddened by those who distort torah hashkofo etc because they have sadly been corrupted by secular ideologies may hashem help all of us view andreact to life thru the lens of proper torah attitudes

  7. THIS JUST IN: A large grou has recently patented that it isn’t tznius for the Megilllah to be named after a woman. From now on, it is to be called Megillas Mordechai.

  8. Once again you have found a new low. Even for yourselves that is impressive. This is just shows how immature and infantile you are. It shows that you are not emes.

  9. I think this is funny. These women have distanced themselves completely from Torah and have made a mockery of it. It’s part of the today’s radical women’s movements. Has nothing to do with Torah true Judaism. Just as the orthodox world has distanced itself from the reform movement, so they must distance themselves from these radicals also. This is not loshon hara.

  10. To all hypocrites here:
    You are all well aware of the put downs and deragatory humor for erliche yidden on dozens of websites,and I have never once seen any complaints

  11. I really enjoyed this one matzav. Keep up the good work. No one is making fun of anyone personally. Matzav is simply poking fun at an anti Torah organization.

  12. Sorry to the “can’t we all just get along” crowd. Open Orthodoxy beliefs deserve to be mocked, just as Reform and Conservative and Jews for J. No halachic problem at all.

  13. Agree with #26, Anonymous and #31, Not controversial. What is wrong with the other commenters not knowing and understanding what is blasphemous/heretical. This “open orthodoxy” is blasphemous and no different than the reform and reconstructionist movements and the JforJ messianic movement. This is not considered loshon horah, in any way – in fact, should be considered a mitzvah!


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