NEWS TO ME: Biden Says 210 Million Americans Died From Coronavirus

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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said during a town hall debate on Monday night that “210 million” people have died of the coronavirus — before quickly correcting himself.

Biden was speaking to NBC’s Lester Holt just hours after President Trump, who is infected with the coronavirus, returned to the White House and said that “maybe” he has suddenly become immune.

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  1. I watched didn’t hear that. It is embarrassing what this website does and does not post. Perhaps if more people ingested disinfectant the number would have been lower.

  2. That’s why he thinks the national debt isn’t insurmountable! Thousands, Millions, Billions, Trillions – it’s all the same!

    • Charlie 2:20, you must have a first hand knowledge of what fools do. In fact, you must be an expert, based on your pathetic posts promoting the socialist-fascist agenda. Just like Lenin’s “useful idiots”…


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