Newsweek in 1987: Trump for President?

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In the fall of 1987, Newsweek took a break from covering the 1988 primaries to put a 41-year-old businessman on the cover.

It was one of the earliest national magazine profiles of “America’s brash billionaire,” Donald Trump. Though 29 years younger, Trump was hardly more modest than the presidential candidate you know today. “I’m not running for president,” he told Newsweek‘s Bill Powell and Peter McKillop in the 1987 piece, “but if I did…I’d win.” In the same interview, he boasted that “there is no one my age who has accomplished more.”

TrumpA letter from Newsweek reader Louise Dexter. NEWSWEEK, OCTOBER 19, 1987.



  1. The same reason why all of the news stations are reporting on Donald Trump many times more than any other candidate. Ratings, or in the case of Matzav- hits. It’s click bait.


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