Newt Gingrich: Give Guns To School Administrators

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newt-gingrichFormer Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich sat down with Sam Stein and Marc Lamont Hill at HuffPost Live Wednesday to talk gun control days after the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The former presidential hopeful said he agreed with Virginia governor Bob McDonnell that arming teachers might be a solution to the problem of school shootings saying “school administrators should be trained and should have arms that are available under lock and key.”

“If that principal who lost her life had been able to step in the door and kill him,” Gingrich continued, “we would have saved a tremendous number of lives.”

Gingrich dismissed immediate calls for new gun legislation, however.

“More gun control might be good PR, it might make people feel better,” he said, but he later pointed out that even in states with strong laws, “there are thousands of people killed annually by criminals who apparently don’t pay attention to gun control.”

Watch the full segment at HuffPost Live.

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  1. If it was known that some teachers in schools were armed, the killers wouldn’t even go there in the first place. They almost always taget “gun free zones” like schools, malls etc. It’s highly unlikely that they’d step foot into a location where they might encounter a person with a gun.

  2. In vermont where everyone has a gun, violence is much lower than in places like NYC where guns are prohibited. When you don’t know if the person has a conceiled gun or not you will think many many times before starting trouble with him. But I still feel semi automatic weapons should be illegal in all states.

  3. “should have arms that are available under lock and key”.

    No. They should be able to carry a concealed weapon, so that it’s ready to use at a second’s notice should they need to defend the lives of their students!

  4. High hopes for the ideas from Newt. And the kids can be told to scrub the floors in the bathroom and if they do not like it, the teachers can show them their ‘authorization’.

  5. I agree with the Newster. Teachers when they are hired should not only have to be able to teach reading, writing and arithmetic but also have to qualify in how to use a gun. Every three years they should have to go back to a shooting range and demonstrate they are still proficient with a weapon. I don’t believe any teacher today should be hired as a teacher who does not know how to use a gun. Hooray for Newt for telling it like it is.

  6. To FYI: Do you even know what a semi automatic weapon is???? Do you? A GLock. a Tauras, any handgun with a single chamber that loads a round into the chamber when you pull the trigger… other words ALL handguns basically except revolvers. So apparently you must think semi automatic means something else. You are as bad as Gingrich who said law enforcement dont even carry semi automatic weapons…what an idiot. Unless they still carry revolvers ALL cops carry semi automatic.


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