Newt Gingrich Latest to Oppose Ground Zero Mosque Plan


gingrichNewt Gingrich says he’s opposed to a planned mosque near ground zero in New York City. The former House speaker and possible 2012 Republican presidential candidate posted a statement on his website¬†Wednesday, saying there should be no Muslim house of worship at the site of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Three thousand people died that day at the hands of what Gingrich called “jihadists.”

Gingrich is just the latest national Republican leader to speak out against the mosque. Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin announced her opposition last Sunday, calling the project an unnecessary provocation.

The mosque is a project of the nonprofit Cordoba Initiative, which claims to promote understanding between Islam and the west.

A community board overwhelmingly voted to back the project last spring.

{ Newscenter}


  1. I would have thought that the way reach understanding would be with thinking of ways to understand your adversary but in this case we are dealing with bnei yishmuel who only know their own agenda and will do anything to reach their agenda.
    And whats really sickening is that this entire issue has turned into a Democratic vs. Republican issue when in reality Americans should be united in sympathy for their fellow americans and at least ask the survivors and relatives of the deceased of the 9.11 atrocities, I mean they must number something like 15,000 people, does the feelings of 15,000 innocent people have a right to be ignored?


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