Newt Gingrich Says Media Has “Earned” The Label “Enemy Of The People”


Speaking at an Axios event in Washington Thursday, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said that Trump’s attacks on the media as “the enemy of the people” don’t help improve the American political divide, but that he thinks “they’ve earned it,” Axios reports.

Gingrich claimed the toxicity of the current political climate is “everyone’s fault,” pointing to social media and the “tribalization” of cable news — specifically CNN — as some of the main factors. When asked why there was such a quick move on the right to call yesterday’s mail bombs a conspiracy, Gingrich answered, “Because it’s October.”



  1. Totally correct the media is totally dishonest and corrupt and biased on the side of liberals they don’t deserve any benefit of the doubt whatsoever if they were willing to live and let live that would be one thing but they insist on ramming their “culture “ and “morals” down every body’s throat take a look at the “me too “ movement if it was serious they would shut down Hollywood and all the trash that comes out of it but they are not serious they just want to have a victim status for whatever benefit they get out of it


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