Next Week to Be Even Colder Across U.S.



It’s not over yet. After a powerful winter storm gripped much of the eastern United States, another blast of Arctic air is expected to freeze half of the country later this week.

States from Arkansas to Maine could see record lows while Florida is expected to drop into the low 30s.

Chicago’s forecast includes temperatures as low as -6 degrees while Nashville could fall to slightly below zero.

Many regions, including the South, could see snow and ice along with the freezing temperatures. Read more at AccuWeather.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. The ignorant comments continue. I was just in California last week. The state has been breaking record after record for high temperatures and lack of rain or snow. And that is typical of most of the populated world; the ONLY area that has been spared is eastern North America. Climate change is real and the ignorant commenters might want to visit California to see some of its effects.


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