NFL And Players Complete Agreement On League Support Of Activism

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NFL player representatives and league officials reached an agreement Wednesday night for the league to provide financial support to players’ community-activism endeavors, according to a person familiar with the deliberations.

The tentative agreement does not directly address the ongoing protests by NFL players during the national anthem, multiple people familiar close to the situation said earlier in the evening.

Owners have been hopeful that an agreement with the players on activism would lead all players to voluntarily stand for the anthem. But divisions on the players’ side of the issue that became evident earlier Wednesday potentially could lead to the protests continuing even if the deal on activism is in place.

The tentative agreement is subject to final approval by the NFL owners. The owners are scheduled to meet in December in Dallas but might not take up the issue until the annual league meeting in March.

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  1. What a wussy bunch of owners! They are running a private enterprise, so they can make the rules for their million dollar egotistical simple-minded children. Fess up, and act American!

  2. Why would anyone care about what a bunch of overweight and soon-to-be brain dead athletes sit or stand for? Halevai they should be active in their communities. Probably would be a good idea for them to start being active with their own kids, assuming they know who they are and are still in touch with their mothers.
    NFL owners are the weakest of the weak.

  3. So how much of their multimillion salaries are the players going to donate to this “activism” ?My bet is that few will put their money where their mouths(or knees) are!

  4. Eli Manning should be benched and fined. He stinks. He has thrown in the towel. For someone making $21,000,000.00 a year, Eli is a thief.


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