NIH Halts Trial Of Hydroxychloroquine

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The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has halted its clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine, saying that while there are no ill side effects, the anti-malaria drug provides no benefit to COVID-19 patients.

“A data and safety monitoring board (DSMB) met late Friday and determined that while there was no harm, the study drug was very unlikely to be beneficial to hospitalized patients with COVID-19,” the NIH said in a statement.

It added, “The data from this study indicate that this drug provided no additional benefit compared to placebo control for the treatment of COVID-19 in hospitalized patients.”

Hydroxychloroquine, which has long been used to combat malaria, was heralded by many, including President Trump, as a possible treatment for the coronavirus until a working vaccine becomes available.

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  1. we knew months ago that it is of no benefit to hospitalized patients! It is of benefit at the beginning of the disease to prevent the patient from being hospitalized. At least they admit that it does not cause harm.

    • My brother who lives in Monsey was sick for just over a week. He sounded so bad I feared the worst.
      I had just lost a dear friend at 54 years old who was FORCED by edict from the רשע Cuomo to wait for it until he had a fever. Finally after 3 weeks of idiotic quarantine, one morning he finally had the fever. He called Hatzalah, was picked up and …he died on the way to the hospital!

      I heard Dr. Zelenko and I called my brother and begged him to get a prescription. He could Not get it filled in NY because Dr. Cuomo/sarc ruled no hydroxychloroquine (+ zinc + zpac) could be dispensed ourside of the hospitals.
      He was too weak to drive so he sent his wife across to NJ and she was able to get it filled at the second CVS …
      Ten days later they were both (Baruch HaShem) healed!
      Other stories came to my attention.

  2. …except that it saved my mother’s life. I guess that might not count for much if you are a political hack running a so called health agency.

    • exactly! I get literally offended when anyone knocks this drug. It taught so many of us innocent people how ugly and cruel this world can be. You have a medication that is cheap and accesible for sick people and you’d rather let them die then approve it for them because you’re politically motivated. The bigger pity for these health organizations are that when it comes to vaccinations and meds in the future; they have put the minds of people in a very different place. In a place where they feel they need to question and decide. They are going to loose a lot of money from it at the end. Had they allowed this to run its course naturally the exposure of whats really going on behind the scenes of these health organizations wouldn’t have been exposed. My mother was saved from this too and I literally cant believe how anyone that has no close one that was saved from it speak out against it does so.

  3. I agree.
    Countless of reports and studies i’ve been following do demonstrate that Hydroxy doesn’t seem to be effective for those that are very ill, past the first 5 days of symptoms.
    And it is also near useless without being combined with Zinc.

    But for those that take it together with zinc, early after onset of symptoms, the beneficial effects are astonishingly high.

    • My mothe was sick for a month and then she took it. literally right before she was hospitalized. You and I should learn by now that reports from these organizations and universities have zero credibility at this point.. you have to speak to the people alone.

  4. This medication, with the correct dosing, is really meant for Virus patients during the first five days after the onset of the virus; before it explodes to disable the patient and send them to the hospital.

    This article/study will NOT say that because it is anti Trump and has an agenda!!!

  5. Trump should have said that hydroxychloroquine was Obama’s idea and they’d have grabbed it with open arms without even ever testing it out.

  6. I don’t know what anyone is saying here. I have a very close one that took it a month into Corona; at the entrance of the hospital and it saved her.


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