Nikki Haley: Trump Claim He Would End Ukraine War in 24 Hours ‘Ridiculous’ — He Says ‘Crazy Things’

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During an appearance on FNC’s “You World,” Nikki Haley, the former Governor of South Carolina and a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, expressed her view on former President Donald Trump’s assertion that he could swiftly resolve the conflict in Ukraine. Haley deemed Trump’s claim as “ridiculous” and lacking in credibility.

Host Neil Cavuto questioned, “What do you think Donald Trump meant by ending it in a day?”

Haley commented, “I think it’s ridiculous. He knows that he can’t end the war in a day. Everybody else knows he can’t end the war in a day. He says these crazy things. It’s not true.”

She added, “We’ve got a realistic situation on our hands. The way we end the war is to get Putin out. It’s not to appease Putin. The way we end the war is to be strong and work on our alliance. When I worked on dealing with Iran at the United Nations, or when we focused on dealing with Russia, with Syria, when we had to negotiate with the Security Council and getting the largest sanctions against a country in a generation, with North Korea, we didn’t do it from a point of weakness. We did it with a point of strength.”

Haley averred, “It wasn’t just strength from the U.S., I had to strengthen the spines of the Europeans to let them know our goal is to prevent war. The only way to do that is with strength. You have to take these dictators on. You don’t run from them. That’s what Biden has done every step of the way. He’s run from Putin. That’s what is dragged this war out. Let’s end this war.”



  1. Haley tries hard. She is not living with Donald Trump’s assets.

    This does not scare me from supporting the forerunner.

    • If the swamp draining is not complete the Biden player acting senile has more chance to be reinstalled than the Desantis actor. (The original was dealt with recently.) And regarding Haley who’s a real candidate not an actor, she has less than 2% chance.

  2. Whatever she did in the previous administration she did with Mr. Trump. _She_ is being “ridiculous”–“end this in a day” doesn’t mean 24 hours on the clock it means “within a short time” and everyone knows that. And they know that with Hashem’s support Mr. Trump could do that.


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