NJ Gov. Christie: I Am Not A Bully; I Am Direct


christie4Fresh off passing a $29.4 billion budget, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is taking on another issue, calling a special session to pass a cap on property tax this weekend.

He went one on one with CBS 2 HD on that and much more today.

A pumped up Christie said he’s ready for the next battle. Holiday weekend or not, it’s time to pass property tax reform.

CBS 2 HD: “Do you expect to get anything done? Usually nothing gets done on the Fourth of July weekend.”

Christie: “It’s wrong for us to take a vacation when people can’t take vacations from their property taxes. We have the worst property taxes in America. People need relief and we need to get it done.”

CBS 2 HD: “What do you say to Democrats who say we’re not going to be rushed into this, bullied into a corner?”

Christie: “The fact of the matter is we’ve been waiting for 30 years for a solution — not just Democrats. Republicans and Democrats have both blown this issue over time and it’s time to get it fixed.”

Christie said the property tax cap is his first priority now, but once that passes, other issues loom.

“We have to get back to education reform and our cities. We have to get much better with our cities,” the governor said.

CBS 2 HD: “Supporters say you’ve done the job you were elected to do. Detractors say sometime you act with out listening and use bully tactics. What would you say to those detractors?”

Christie: “They’re confusing that with being direct. They’re so unaccustomed in politics to someone actually saying what they think in plain language directly and bluntly that they take it the wrong way. I compromised. We got Democratic votes on this budget. They’re confusing being direct with being a bully. I am simply not a bully.”

Though governor for less than a year, Christie is been seen as rising star in the Republican Party, an up and comer on the national scene and even a contender for the nation’s top job.

CBS 2 HD: “Is it something you would ever consider, running for the presidency?”

Christie: “Under no circumstances.”

CBS 2 HD: “If they were to come to you today and say you’re our guy, you would say no?”

Christie: “I would say no thank you, find another guy. I have a job. I just love a job I want to do and I have no interest at all in running for president of the United States. None.”

And that is a firm no — not ever. Christie has four children and said after his time as governor he’ll need to go out and make some money to support his family.

{CBS2 HD/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. i wish more Republicans would learn from this guy how to be more Direct. Dems and Hussein get lost when one confronts them direct. well maybe i”m wrong probebly we need someone to bully Hussein


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