NJ Race So Close Will Go To Mail In Ballots

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Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli has pulled ahead of incumbent Phil Murphy in a virtual dead heat with around 80 percent of the vote counted in New Jersey’s gubernatorial race, which will likely come down to the 400,000-plus mail-in ballots postmarked as late as Tuesday.

“I wanted to come out here tonight because I prepared one hell of a victory speech,” Ciattarelli told an energized GOP crowd watching results arrive slowly. “I’m here to tell you we’re winning. We’re winning. We want every legal vote counted. We have to have time to make sure every legal vote is counted.”

Ciattarelli, 59, a former three-term member of the state Assembly, leads Murphy, 50.10 percent to 49.16 percent.

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  1. For those ignorant morons who say, I don’t vote because I don’t want to get jury duty, it’s not tznius, it’s bittul Torah, etc…, I say every vote counts.

  2. Jews who were urged to vote as a bloc for Murphy ought to consider this:

    Do we really want to elect people with socially destructive programs and policies if they also make nice to us or our leaders?


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