NJ Reopening Continues: Gatherings Of 25 Now Allowed Outdoors


New Jersey is loosening restrictions on the number of people allowed at outdoor gatherings and certain outdoor activities, Gov. Phil Murphy announced Friday morning at his daily coronavirus briefing in Trenton.

Gatherings of up to 25 people will now be allowed outdoors, as well as for outdoor recreational businesses like charter and fishing boats, driving ranges, and outdoor batting cages, under an executive order Murphy said he’s signing. It takes effect immediately. Murphy also announced that public and private recreational campgrounds can immediately reopen under the order.

The governor added that this does not apply to outdoor dining or graduations.

Read more at NJ.com.



    • You can do anything you want in your backyard. I’ve been having regular minyanim in mine, and I didn’t have any issues from the government. There was a phone call from a local community macher, but I explained that the minyan is done in completely safe social-distancing manner, without even a sofeik of sakonas nefoshos, and if he doesn’t like it, he may bring it up at his next shrink appointment. There were no more phone calls after that.


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