NJ Senate Schedules Vote on Toeivah Marriage On Thursday

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vaad-toeivahNew Jersey’s state Senate will vote on whether to legalize toeivah marriage. State Sen. President Richard Codey has scheduled the vote for Thursday. Codey said today that the people of New Jersey “deserve the right to a formal debate on the Senate floor.”

Five states now recognize toeivah marriage.

Toeivah rights advocates in New Jersey have been pushing for New Jersey to join them quickly.

Gov. Jon Corzine supports the measure. But Chris Christie, who will replace him on Jan. 19, says he would veto it.

A Senate vote was canceled last month because it appeared the measure was going to fail.

If it passes the Senate this week, it would still need the approval of the state Assembly to be sent to Corzine’s desk.

{Garden State Gazette/Noam Amdurski-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. the letter you posted from the va’ad is very decieving, it makes it appear as if they are in the forefront of the anti-toeiva campaign. the truth is that in Lakewood the campaign is being led by Maran Rav Simcha Bunim Cohen shlita, Rav Moshe Bressler shlita and several other unpaid community askanim. the va’ad endorsed corzine and has not lobbied in Trenton at all.

  2. Sad day. Rav Avigdor Miller Zatzal said many years ago that once 25 states recognize gay toeivah marriage, there will be another Holocaust.

    We can act now (daven, improve our yiddishkeit etc.), or we can be passive and once again remain silent and ignore this threat, and let this world once again implode.

    teshuva Yidden, teshuva now!

  3. The crazy and evil designs of the
    toeivah agenda target traditional
    family values.

    Listen to Rabbi Leiter who is urging
    everybody to contact their state senators
    and assemblymen to reject this wickedness.

    Don’t let Jersey liberals trample on
    your rights. Haredi Jews, Orthodox Jews,
    conservative Jews and normal Jews should
    warn politicians to oppose this
    perverted licentiousness. (This foolish
    proposal is offensive to religious and
    normal people from all walks of life.
    It is not the job of our elected officials
    to tamper with the time-tested institution
    of marriage—the bedrock of civilized

    Remember, there is still a silent
    majority in this country which hates
    the immoral liberal toeivah lifestyle
    and agenda.

    According to my sources, Assemblyman Gusciora and Assemblyman Speaker Joseph
    Roberts support this idiotic bill.
    (There are other nuts in the Jersey Senate
    and Assembly who should be thrown out of office. Roberts is supposed to retire Jan. 12. He should be encouraged to retire as soon as

    Like everywhere else, it is clear that the overwhelming majority of New Jersey
    citizens oppose legalization of toeivah. (Liberal Democrat Jon Corzine,
    who was recently defeated by Chris Christie,
    supports this vile bill. Christie opposes it and promises to use his veto power against it.)

    Howard Beigelman, deputy director
    for public policy for the Orthodox Union
    summed it up very well:

    “Passage of this legislation will cause
    legal havoc for shuls, schools and all religious institutions.”

    May God shine His grace on all the
    good people who oppose this outrage. May
    Almighty God cause the downfall of the wicked
    and elevate the righteous.


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