NJ Students Will Be ‘Strongly Encouraged’ To Wear Masks For 2020-2021 School Year


New Jersey’s K-12 students will be encouraged to wear masks when they return to in-person instruction this fall, state officials announced Friday.

“Throughout our school facilities, all faculty and staff and all visitors will be required to wear face coverings unless doing so would inhibit individual health as per [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] recommendations,” Gov. Phil Murphy (D) said at a press conference. “Students will be strongly encouraged to wear face coverings and will be required to do so when social distancing cannot be maintained, whether that be in the classroom or in the hallways.”

The sweeping health guidelines are a part of the reopening report put together by New Jersey’s education officials that outlined everything that must be done to ensure that in-person instruction is as safe as possible amid the pandemic. One of the main goals of the guidelines is to keep students six feet apart as much as possible.

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