NK Device May Have Been Another A-Bomb

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north koreaFollowing North Korea’s fourth nuclear test since 2006, some officials said Wednesday they were skeptical about the country’s declaration that it was a hydrogen bomb that was detonated.

The Washington Post reported that nuclear experts say the explosion did not look like that from a hydrogen bomb. South Korean legislators said the explosion had a yield of about 6 kilotons, nearly the same size as their northern neighbor’s 2013 atomic test.

North Korea expert Andrei Lankov told reporters, “I believe it did not have the ‘signature’ of a hydrogen bomb.” Lankov said he had “absolutely no doubt” the blast was an atomic test. Read more at The Washington Post.

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  1. The device was similar to the two North Korea set off previously – and both were fission devices (A-bombs). A 6 kiloton yield is too small to sustain a fusion reaction, so it was impossible for yesterday’s event to have been a fusion device (H-bomb).

    North Korea is just bloviating, as usual. Their claims are hollow.


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