No. 1 on Donald Trump’s Bucket List: Get Mitt Romney Elected

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trumpWhat’s atop Donald Trump’s bucket list?

“Get Mitt Romney elected,” Trump said Sunday after accepting Sarasota County’s Statesman of the Year Award. “We need a new president. We need somebody who can really help this country become a great country again. Right now, we’re a country in decline, in serious decline.”

The real estate mogul and former presidential candidate spoke in front of a packed house of more than 1,000 at the Ritz Carlton ballroom, answered questions during a news conference and later sat down for a one-on-one interview.

Trump addressed a wide range of issues, including the campaign’s tenor, Rep. Todd Akin’s comments and the real estate slump.

It’s time for Republicans to get nasty, Trump said, and combat what he called an “unbelievably negative” campaign waged by Barack Obama.

During a news conference before the ceremony, Trump called on the GOP to engage in a nastier fight with Obama after fielding questions about anti-Romney advertising and the local vandalizing of a “Repeal Obama” billboard in Sarasota County last week.

A campaign’s mistake, Trump said, is to be too politically correct and too nice.

On Paul Ryan, Romney’s running mate:

“I think Paul Ryan is doing a great job. He leads a really exemplary life. I think his family is excellent, wonderful. He’s been in the public spotlight. He’s brought an energy to the party that’s excellent. Ultimately he’s going to save Medicare, which is really important.”

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  1. Well Trump, you gotta get the votes… And alot of us nice Americans do not like the wickedness and fraud of a campaign and candidate who regards dignity about the same way that he regards his own shoes. And I think he likes his shoes a little bit more considering his expensive enclaves.


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