No Attempt By Rav Batzri To Remove Dybbuk

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rav-dovid-batzriReports that Rav Dovid Batzri was set to once again attempt to remove the dybbuk trapped in the Brazilian avreich is false, says Rav Yitzchak Batzri, as son of Rav Dovid. The dybbuk, which claims it is from the time of Bayis Sheini, apparently refuses to leave, but Rav Batzri will not make any further attempts to get it out.

According to reports, following consultation with other mukabalim, it was decided not to try to get the dybbuk out any further in the manner that has been tried for fear opf causing damage to others and perhaps to the avreich himself.

The gathering held yesterday at Yeshivat Hashalom, thought to be a dybbuk-banishing attempt with shofros and tefillos, was nothing more than the standard Rosh Chodesh tefillos.

As for those who claim that the avreich is mentally ill, Rav Yitzchak Batzri stated, that is false. “Hundreds of people have already met him. He is a mentally healthy person,” he said.

{Yair Israel}


  1. How could the dybbuk speak yiddish if he was from the time of the Bayis Sheini???

    And since when do we not remove a dybbuk since “it might harm the man on the way out?”

    This story is getting wilder and wilder………..

  2. The Gedolim obviously do not accept this as a case of a dybbuk. Hagaon HaRav Shternbuch shlita said specifically it is mental illness; other Gedolim have refused to get involved with this person.

  3. i guess u r very scered from the dibuk and and the world to come so u calm yourself by making fun of it !!! sorry it wont help u ! the they will cone for evryone to pay for what he did on this world bad or good…..


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