No Bread For Obama: Presidential Fare To Be Kosher For Pesach

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obama2The entire King David Hotel, where President Barack Obama be staying with an entourage that will fill all 233 rooms from Wednesday, March 20, to Friday, March 22, will be made kosher for Pesach ahead of his visit.

The King David will roll out the carpet, but hold the rolls. With the hotel in a security lockdown, all the food necessary for the trip and the prosperous Pesach crowd to follow is being stored in containers out back.

When PresidentObama said yes to a long-overdue visit next week, his first since becoming president in 2008, it’s not clear that he knew what he was getting himself into. Gastronomically, anyway. The entire King David Hotel will be kosher l’Pesach.

Hopefully, someone will have warned them in advance not to expect cheeseburgers or club sandwiches. On top of the normal kashrut limitations, bread, pasta and pizza will all be missed among those looking for a carb fix – alongside those tasty muffins and pastries served at breakfast. Given that this has been the most foodie-focused White House to date, with the first lady declaring war on junk food and childhood obesity, it’s not clear whether this will be good for Obama’s impression of Israel or not. Read more here.

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  1. “I guess its better than Romney breaking his fast (Tisha Be’av) at Netanyahu’s house”

    Yes indeed – and look what an utterly futile public relations stunt that turned out to be!


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