No Burning of Chometz This Year Due to Coronavirus


Gedolei haposkim in New York, New Jersey and beyond have announced that due to the coronavirus, there will be no burning of chometz this year on Erev Pesach.

There will be no public fires this year, nor will small fires be permitted.

The poskei hador, led by Moreinu Rav Dovid Feinstein and Moreinu Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, have instructed that biur chometz should be performed by breaking apart a kezayis of chometz and flushing it down a toilet.

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  1. This is too much already. I think we crossed a red line here. I mean what will I do with leftover boxes of cereal, snacks, vacuum cleaner bags, my wifes challah, my wicks from chanuka and my lulav. How will the fire dept keep busy on erev pesach. I think it sets a bad precedent for the sanitation dept they may think we started a new trend and they won’t let us do it next year. What’s next we won’t be able to say kul dichfin yasai vyaichul Perhaps we won’t be allowed to invite Eliyahu hanavi. Will he be allowed to drink from the wine?? This is really too much!!

    • ha, i thought it was funny, but thats because i’m slightly optimistic and believed it was a joke. However, you can send a pessimist over the brink of sanity with stuff like this, so i think you shouldnt do thid now, there will be time afterwards “be’H” to make all the funny jokes

  2. This sounds like a real nudnik question but what will all those who have the minhog to dispose of their luluvim by using them for the Chometz fire do with them this year? Hold them until next year?

    As someone who always had that minhog this is actually something I’m thinking about

    • The inyan to burn the lulav with the chametz is “once it has been used for one mitzvah, use it for another mitzvah”. This year, too, once it has been used for one mitzvah (lulav) use it for another mitzvah – pikuach nefesh!

  3. Pesach Shaylos for Our Current Matzav
    Do we make the same brocha we always do? Do we need to remove all chomez found during the bedika from our reshus, via flushing, tossing into the street or some other method, or can we toss it in the trash?
    Can a bechor be yotzeh a siyum if it’s over the phone or via video? What about if a neighbor across the street makes one on his porch?
    (Pardon me if the questions are amaratzishdik, but I honestly don’t know the answers and would appreciate a reply from people who are more learned. Mareh mekomos would be doubly appreciated.

  4. Just to reiterate the first comment: I have a years worth of hafrashas challah, and that can not be sent to the garbage for reasons mentioned in seforim.

  5. Pesach Sha’ailah guy:
    Bi’ur should be done in a way that it should be no longer accessible – flushing is best. Don’t make the bracha in the restroom.

    Siyum: porch is fine. Phone lends problems.

  6. Can I just dump my leftover chametz in those City garbage cans along Coney Island Avenue? (Might be a Chillul Hashem if a goy sees me)

    • yes we make the same brachah , yes has to be out of your reshus ,on the porch for sure as you are celebrating the siyum with him (I don’t in its situation maybe cause a chilul hashem as you look to be gathering with a neighbor) the dishu meshnah breruah brings down tnat rav shlomo zalman arbach said in a case of bdieved a person could listen to a siyum over the phone , rav moshe heineman in a webinar also said you could hear over the phone


  8. I highly doubt that in areas like Boro park etc they will stop fires. There are still many shuls and home minyans all over the place. You think for one minute there won’t be fires. Unfortunately there will be a lot more fires because if there is no public fires which are controlled by fire department ,there will be hundreds of little fires in front of every second house. There needs to be a solution. Unfortunately there is no real leadership. Everyone is a leader on to himself. Just drive up every weekday morning between 7 and 12 noon and see tens of people walking to minyans with tallis and tefillin.


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