NO CEASEFIRE: Hamas Says They Will Not Allow Israelis To Leave Their Shelters

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A senior Palestinian Arab source said on Sunday night that “at the present time there is no ceasefire. Israel is delaying the implementation of the understandings reached in the past, but wants to achieve calm in return for calm.”

“The battle will not end until the occupation responds affirmatively to our people’s demands,” the Joint Command Center of armed Palestinian factions in Gaza says in a statement early Monday.

“We will not allow the settlers to leave their shelters as long as the enemy’s leadership denies its understandings with the resistance, it says.

The statement comes as rocket sirens continue to wail despite reports Israel and the Gaza terror groups are working toward a cease-fire brokered by Egypt and the UN.

{ Israel News}


  1. If the Allies during WWII were to have used the Israeli policy of knocking with dummy bombs first, the East Coast would today be speaking German and the West Coast would be speaking Japanese.

  2. Thank hashem that they are not agreeing to a cease fire. They have no such thing . When they want a cease its just a break so that they can rebuild. The israelies are afraid of the world. They should just bomb the whole Gaza once & for all & forget about all the un idiots

  3. It seems that Hamas has the upper hand. They are the aggressor and despite that, they are dictating the terms. Hamas has the entire Israeli country coiling in fear. How can such a small little piece of land (Gaza) control their much much bigger neighbor (Israel)? What’s wrong with this picture?


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