No Felishigs: Israeli Hospitals Join ‘Meatless Monday’ Mishugas

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meatHospitals across Israeli are individually joining the international movement for “Meatless Mondays.” The initiative looks to promote good health, improve the environment and save money by reducing the amount of meat consumed globally.

In some hospital kitchens and cafeterias, doing without red meat once a week is an option, but in a growing number, it is a mandatory choice.

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  1. Why do you consider ‘promoting good health, improving the environment and saving money’ (the factual result of reduced meat consumption – if you don’t understand why – do a little research) to be ‘mishugas’? Please explain.

  2. Why call it “mishugas”? Our community is reeling from poor health choices and misinformation. If you think meatless Monday is a bad idea, promote other healthy options instead. This website is in a wonderful position to promote good health and do a huge service to our community. Don’t belittle good health and certainly don’t contribute to the problem.


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