No Israel-Palestinian Solution During Obama Presidency, White House Assesses

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obama-netanyahu-abbasThe White House has made the “realistic assessment” that a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians will not come to pass during the remainder of President Obama’s presidency, senior administration officials said Thursday.

Rob Malley, National Security Council coordinator for the Middle East, told reporters: “The prospect of a two-state solution is not in the cards for the time that’s remaining.”

The president’s aides indicated that during Prime Minister Netanyahu’s meeting with the president in Washington on Nov. 9, Obama will ask him to put forward ideas for a path forward “in the absence of negotiations.”

Ben Rhodes, deputy national security advisor for strategic communications, told the Jerusalem Post that tension between the two governments over Iran amounted to an unavoidable policy disagreement – not a personal one – that both governments hope to put in the past.



  1. There will be a solution as soon as a Palestinian leader is willing to make real peace – not “peace” that includes a precondition that guarantees Israel’s destruction, such as the “right of Return”. Such a Palestinian leader hasn’t existed until now.

  2. Gee, genius, thanks for sharing.
    We could have told you that 8 years ago and saved a lot of headaches for everyone. #1 is correct: there isn’t and will not be any solution so long as the Palestinian “leadership,” such as it is, is not merely using the so-called peace process as a diplomatic way to carry out what they don’t have the manpower to do: destroy Israel.

  3. And here we were led to believe that Nobel peace prize winner, Obama was the greatest thing since sliced bread. He could walk on water. I guess he is really just an empty suit.


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