NO MORE SIMCHA? Simcha Felder Gets Shut Out Of Dem Leadership Posts

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Every Democrat in the state Senate was named to chair a committee or subcommittee after the party took control of the chamber — except Simcha Felder.

Felder, a conservative Brooklyn Democrat who caucused with Republicans for years, still hasn’t negotiated his return to the Democratic fold and was shut out when Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins doled out committee leadership posts.


A spokeswoman for Stewart-Cousins said Felder has not officially rejoined the Democratic conference. Even if he does, with the Democrats owning a 40-23 majority, Felder won’t have as much clout after being the swing vote that kept the GOP in power.

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  1. To be expected. After behavin th way he did, it was to be expected. Cuomo warned him! Now after (together with Aron of KJ) getting us into the education mess he is no position to fix it.

  2. No reason to “return” to the Democrats.
    They are today the party of the extreme Liberals and the farthest from our values
    Simcha is our man, and we we are indebted to him forever

  3. We should not lose sight of the fact that we all owe Simcha a tremendous debt of hakoras Hatov for all that he managed to accomplish as the swing vote. Way more than he could as eppes ah deputy chair of something – or -other.

  4. Get ready for the bag tax, New York!
    It’s surprising that the Dems got do many seats considering how corrupt they were for dozens of years!

  5. Simcha did what was right. Let us all remember G-D runs the world, not the democrats not the republicans. If we deserve a yeshua we’ll get it from someplace else, as Mordechai told Esther.

  6. We should all change our voter registration from Democrat to Republican. When the Dems see that it would put fear in their hearts. I already changed my registration, you can too. Just go into any Post Office and ask for a Voter Registration form. You may even be able to get the form on line. Complete the form and check change my registration from Democrat to Republican. If enough Yidden (and other voters) do this then both parties will begin to pay attention to the voters.

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