No NASA.Gov? No USDA.Gov? Why Are US Gov’t Websites Offline?

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usagov-downWondering why Uranus spins backwards? Or how many moons Saturn has? Don’t ask NASA.

Looking for data on food and nutrition? Don’t turn to the USDA.

Want a map for your family’s next trip, or suggestions on what do in a local state park? Don’t turn to the U.S. Forest Service.

The politicking in Washington over ObamaCare led to a stalemate last week, the furloughing of thousands of workers suspension of key government services — a partial shutdown, or slimdown.

But several sites were completely taken offline (temporarily that even included the website for the Amber Alerts system) rather than updated with a simple banner noting that updates wouldn’t be coming. And critics are asking: Who’s to blame for the information-less age? The answer, it seems, is Washington itself.

“The [government] seems to require agencies to pull down ‘inessential’ public-facing content even when this requires spending more money than leaving it up would,” wrote Julian Sanchez, a research fellow with the CATO Institute.

In other words, take it down, even if it would have been cheaper to leave it up.

That guidance is made explicit in tongue-twisting government-speak in a policy memo issued Sept. 17 by Sylvia M. Burwell, the director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Read more at FOX NEWS.

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  1. The Democrats strategy is to make the country feel the pain. The Democratic Senators will not accept phone calls- the Republicans are open.

    Just be glad they have not closed down the Interstate Highway.

  2. It makes no sense – considering that all the agencies & workers will (in most likelihood) receive back-pay for all the time the government was shut down & their jobs closed. How much does the government save by having cut back & closed down? The National Parks are not open to take the tourists money.

  3. This isn’t “strategy”. It is a 19th century law called the Antideficiency Act, which makes it a criminal offense to do government work when the Congress hasn’t appropriated the funding. The only exceptions are for essential activity and these aren’t essential.

    But in terms of “feeling the pain” this shutdown is getting voters to appreciate the fact that the government does a lot of good things. That is the opposite of what the Republican extremists wanted.

    John Boehner won’t even let the House vote on the clean continuing resolution that passed the Senate. Don’t blame the Democrats for this — they are all ready to vote for it!


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